Why Eyelash Extensions

WHY get lash enhancements?

Why NOT?! Ladies and gents have been wearing false lashes for many many years. Yes, gents also! Eyelash enhancements have numerous benefits…less time spent on applying and removing mascara daily, add length, increase fullness, no more raccoon eyes from running mascara and can put down the lash curler for good!

What’s the occasion? Some may want to add an extra emphasis to the eyes for the evening, the weekend or the year. Who wears these enhancements: moms, professionals, military personnel, students, medical personnel, male models…those who want to wake up looking Fabulous!
There are several varieties of eyelash enhancements that will give the client the look they desire. Strip/band lashes, clusters/flares, individual semi-permanent extensions…and for those who don’t have ANY natural lashes, implants are an option.

Many know the phrase, “the eyes are the windows to the soul”, eyelash enhancements are your window treatments!

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