Bikini vs. Brazilian Waxing

Bikini vs. Brazilian Wax

Ladies and Gents, you’ve heard of both bikini and Brazilian waxing services, yet do you know the difference? These services are available for BOTH men and women, contact your local salon/spa/studio for pricing and availability.

Bikini wax- Disposable underwear(if provided) is worn by the client and the hair OUTSIDE of the underwear is removed. Yes this also means the upper inner thigh area. If you’d like, you may have the hair from your bikini line to your navel removed also. The bikini wax technician may ask you, what style/shape you want for the hair remaining; this refers to the pubic hair just below the bikini line. Square, triangle, heart and other shapes may be designed.

Brazilian wax -No disposable underwear needed because every pubic hair is being removed. Yes, ALL the hair from the front, middle and back is coming off! Your technician may ask for assistance; have you adjust your legs, hips or entire body or even hold parts of your own pubic area. Hold one leg to your chest, turn onto your left/right side, adjust the testicles, hold your lower stomach, get on your hands and knees, lay both legs flat, etc. This is to make sure that no hair is left behind!

The relationship between you and your bikini/Brazilian wax expert is a special one! Don’t be shy, keep in mind your technician has seen EVERY shape, size and color in that private waxing room. If it makes you feel more comfortable, ask for a consultation with the technician. This way you may get to know them and see the area the service will be provided in.

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