Wax My What?!

Wax My What?!

Now that I have your attention, I’m speaking of your underarms! The warmer months are ahead and it’s time to pull out the tank tops, short sleeve shirts and bathing suits. For those who are used to shaving their underarms every other day, I highly suggest using wax.
A friend of mine was telling me about her experience with waxing…sounded great yet I couldn’t get over the fact of putting hot wax under my arms! With a little extra push I decided to give it a try, by myself! Not recommended! I will admit, after removing the first strip I thought there’s no way I can finish the other arm. This first timer was in shock after completing both underarms. It was not the heat from the wax, it was the shock of pulling more than one hair out at a time.
The beauty of this service was noticed days later, smooth underarms with no prickly hairs! After shaving just about every 3-4 days I was in heaven to find there was no hair growing back after FIVE days. Another advantage is that after waxing the underarms instead of shaving, the dark appearance/marks seemed to have lightened up over time. Perfect for those pictures with your arms raised high!
Here’s your little extra nudge, go ahead and try it. Locate a salon or spa in your area that has an experienced licensed/certified wax technician. If you’re in the Hampton Roads area, you can schedule an appointment at the Va Beach Eye Deux Studio.

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