No More Cotton!

No More Cotton!!

If you’ve said in front of any Eye Deux tech that you’ve been using cotton balls on your extensions you might see us cringe! Lint Free Brushes by Xtreme Lashes are the best cleaning brushes to use on your eyelash extensions.

Cotton, when used on or around the extensions can cause little white fibers to be left behind. This can lead to you not being able to brush through your extensions properly for grooming. The cotton may also make it more difficult to apply other makeup around the extensions such as a eyeliner or eyeshadow. Using q-tips, cotton balls, cotton rounds or just about anything else cotton will also cause premature loss of extensions.
What’s the solution? Lint-free brushes made by Xtreme Lashes. These brushes are soft, angled brushes that feel like cotton but do not leave any fibers behind. These can be used on any type of extensions to keep them clean…especially after applying eyeshadow that may fall onto your lashes.

These small tip angled brushes hold a lot of product, so we at Eye Deux suggest putting a very small amount of your cleaning solution onto one brush then pressing a dry brush against it. This will ensure that your cleaning solution is on both brushes but not too mush to drip into your eye. The angled tip is perfect for getting between the extensions to the base of your lashes, removing all makeup and debris from your lash line.

If using the brushes after applying makeup (but not to remove all of your makeup) use one lint free brush and gently brush the top of your extensions to remove excess eyeshadow.

If you’re in the Hampton Roads area you may stop by to pick up these awesome brushes, they come in packs of 50 count and 100 count at both Eye Deux Studios. Check with your local Xtreme Lash stylist or the XtremeLashes website to get your hands on these today!

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