At-Home Lashings :Strip Lashes

At-Home Lashings-Strip Lashes

There are two types of false lashes that can be applied at home by yourself, strip lashes and flares/clusters/tabbs. This post will explain how to apply the strip lashes only.

You should apply the lashes AFTER you have applied your eyeshadow.

Strip lashes are false lashes attached to one single band which the adhesive (glue) is applied. The strip lashes come in several styles, colors, lengths, densities and band widths.
1. Select the style that best fits your eye shape! This is important because you want to accent your eyes, not make them look sad or droopy.
2. Measure the strip lash to your lash line and trim the band if needed. It is best to trim the END of the strip, not the tip towards the inner corner of the eye.
3. Apply a thin layer of adhesive(glue) to the strip band ONLY and let it set for a 30 seconds. Remove any excess adhesive with a toothpick or tip of adhesive tube.
4. Hold the strip lash with the tweezers firmly and place the strip right above your lash line towards the middle first.

Hold for a few seconds then press in the inner and outter corners. You may want to try holding the strip lash with a Lash Tool like the one pictured below from the JaMaal Buster collection.

5. Let the band dry for at least one minute before you use the mascara wand to blend in your lashes or apply mascara.

Now that your eyes are ready, enjoy! This may take some time to perfect yet stay calm, you CAN do it! Remember to remove the strip lashes and the adhesive off the band before going to sleep so you may wear them again another day!

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