Natural Shedding of Lashes

Many times lash stylists are asked if the extensions cause the natural lashes to fall out……after wearing the extensions for several weeks, some may notice extensions come off WITH the natural lash attached.

Your natural lashes, just like the rest of the hair on your body, MUST shed in order to gain new hairs.

This is an example of a natural lash that has shed with the extension still attached. We will put this in the NORMAL column!

A typical cycle of growth for eyelashes is 60-90 days, glad we don’t shed all of our lashes all at once! The relash or fill process for extensions is necessary due to the shedding cycle. New eyelashes are coming in and the old must make room. New extensions are then applied.

Each person hair growth cycle may vary. Want to figure out how slow or fast your hair grows?  A good way to start is to track your hair cuts or hair color retouch appointments 😉

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