Mascara Ads includes False Lashes

There are TONS of different mascaras on the market and the ads in magazines and tv’s are constant! They promise to give the “false lash look” by just applying their  mascara.

Ok ladies and gents, this is NOT true for everyone and their natural lashes. What most people don’t realize is that the ads you see ARE using lash EXTENSIONS before applying the “amazing” mascara.

Rarely do we notice the little fine print at the bottom of the ads….its true that not every company acknowledges it. Here is the tiny disclosure at the bottom of a Covergirl ad

So yes, in order to achieve the “look” from the mascara ads, you will have to apply some type of false lashes…inserts (clusters/tabss/flares) or a whole strip lash.

Have you noticed any other advertisements that actually say lash inserts/false lashes have been applied?

1 thought on “Mascara Ads includes False Lashes

  1. 🙂 Advertisers are so naughty. I suppose considering what else they get up to, false eyelashes are the least of their issues.

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