How Young is Too Young?

ABC News aired a report on teens and waxing…how young is too young.
From personal experience I started the hair removal process early because of puberty. Lately, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed that some teenagers look like adults! I say it’s the food and hormones but that’s another post on another blog…

There has been an increase of teenagers coming in for more than just the typical eyebrow wax appointment. Upper lip, lower legs and bikini and the most popular especially during the summer. Young ladies are very self conscious of their growing bodies and the excess amount of hair is frowned upon. Going away to camp with a bag of razors can be embarrassing for those who are maturing faster than their peers.

Whats the debate?

From the article: “Atlanta-based therapist Tiffanie Henry, fear that waxing could be over-sexualizing teen girls. “I just really have a difficult time stomaching, inviting girls, specifically girls who are 15 years of age and younger into a salon to be waxed,”

“Noemi Grupenmager (CEO & Founder of Uni K Wax) said the promotion (ad from above) is intended to help young girls boost their self esteem. By the age of 11 or 12, some young girls develop hair on their legs and upper lip.  This can not only be embarrassing, but it often makes these young girls targets for bullying at school, especially during PE and recess”

Each child is different and this may start a conversation in some homes that have not been brought to the surface. Women of all ages deal with excess hair from our chinny chin chins down to our toes. Its up to the individual to determine which hair stays and which body parts should be hair free.

At the Eye Deux, Virginia Beach Studio, we require parental consent for anyone under 18 and a parent/guardian must be present.  Check with your state and local rules regarding waxing services for those under 18.  I would then look into your local salon or spa that would accept waxing clients under 18.
Happy Waxing and enjoy the rest of the Summer!

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