The Importance of Continuous Education

Spoke with a young lady today who is a currently wearing Xtreme Lashes and patron of Eye Deux. She recently returned from vacation with an interesting story.
While shopping the cashier asked if the long pretty lashes were her real. After confirming that the young lady had eyelash extensions, she quickly grabbed her hand and escorted her to a neighboring salon. The cashier then told her lash stylist, “I want my lashes to look like this” and took pictures! The lash stylist also took pictures and stated she would consider going to another class for a refresher.
I agree! The lash stylists at Eye Deux are required to take a class with Xtreme Lashes at least once a year. As with many other factors within the beauty industry, things change! Although it’s not required in the state of Virginia, I feel it’s necessary to attend continuous education courses. This is to not only maintain your clientele yet also advance your skills to increase your clientele.
Does your state require continuous education credits to maintain your license or certification? If not, do you go out in search of more education? When I entered the cosmetology field my grandmother (also a cosmetologist) told me that she, at 60+, would still attend trade shows and classes. This has instilled within me that we must continue to learn…regardless of the cost, location or age 🙂

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