2012 Lifetime Achievement Award goes to…

Congratulations to our fellow LashLover Denise Wall!

This month Denise Wall will receive the 2012 Dance Teacher Lifetime Achievement Award in New York city.

Many people know of her as the co-owner of Denise Wall’s Dance Energy here in Virginia Beach, VA. Her team was able to have three dancers in the Top 10 of “So You Think You Can Dance” for the second year in a row! She is the Mom of five boys including Danny Tidwell (USA International Ballet Competition in 2002) and Travis Wall (who is a choreographer for “SYTYCD”, his own company, Shaping Sound and co-star of All the Right Moves which airs later this month on Oxygen).

Even with Denise’s busy schedule, she’s able to lay down for an hour to get her Xtreme Lashes touched up. They look Great on the cover of the latest issue of Dance Teacher Magazine!

Thanks Denise for “saying Eye Deux”!

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