Swimming with Eyelash Extensions

One of the major advantages of wearing semi-permanent eyelash extensions is that you’re able to swim without the worries of running mascara.

When applied correctly, eyelash extensions can give you the look of mascara and the curl of a lash curler without using those tools again. After the initial 48 hours application, you may swim, get in the sauna or hot tub and still look fabulous.

During the summer days more clients are enjoying water activities and have had questions on how to care for their lash extensions. Since I have worn the XtremeLashes long term and enjoy swimming year round, I’d share personal tips on how to save their eyelash extensions:

The best way to save your semi-permanent eyelash extensions is to wear swimming goggles. The lens must fit comfortably so that the extensions do not touch the lens. 

If swimming without goggles, DO NOT WIPE OR RUB YOUR EYELASH EXTENSIONS! This is very hard to get used to, I know from personal experience. Wiping above the lashes and under your eyes is best, avoid constant touching of the extensions.

Use the Xtreme Lashes Protective Coating twice per week, wait 48 hours after eyelash extensions application to resume use.

Once out of the water, GENTLY dab the extensions with a dry towel or lint-free cloth. Regardless of salt water or a chlorine pool, the extensions need to be cleaned just like your hair needs to be shampooed. If XtremeLashes Mascara Wand or disposable mascara brush is present, groom your eyelash extensions into place.

I hope those tips are helpful. If you’re wearing a different brand of eyelash extensions, inquire with that company about products they might have to preserve their lashes. Here is a current picture of my lashes…swim two to three times per week, last ReLash was July 15th. Excuse the eye redness, fresh out the pool 🙂 

Oh, one more thing…I filled in my eyebrows with the Xtreme Lashes Brow Pen. Using an angeld brush, I mixed the Light and Deep…most of my brows are still filled in after over an hour of swimming!

All products mentioned above can be picked up at the Virginia Beach and Newport News Eye Deux studios.  If outside the Hampton Roads area, contact your local XL Stylist.

2 thoughts on “Swimming with Eyelash Extensions

  1. Hi thanks for the blog! What brand and model goggles do you use? I have been unsuccessful in finding a pair that has deep enough sockets. Like you, I swim laps regularly but just started with the extensions. Your recommendation is greatly appreciated. Hope to hear from you.

    1. Great question! Fortunately we have so many options available. I do mostly scuba diving so the mask/goggle combo is larger than typical swimming goggles. To maintain your lashes, rinse very well after swimming, gently dab your eyes with a towel and do NOT brush your lashes until they are dry.

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