The Lash Lift

The alternative to eyelash extensions! Put down the lash curler and give those straight lashes a lift.

Many have heard of a lash perm…which years ago used tiny rods to roll your lashes onto. Sometimes it would curl the lashes a bit too much.

The updated version of the lash perm uses silicone pads, called the Lash Lift. The silicone pads are placed above the lash line in which your natural lashes are brushed upwards onto the pad. There are three different sizes available, small, medium and large, which determine how much lift you want for your lashes. (The small pads give a higher lift while the large pads give more curl.)

The rest of the application process is the same. Two perm solutions are brushed onto the lashes(none of the solution is supposed to get on the skin if the silicone pads are placed correctly), then a nourishing cream. Once all of the solutions are removed from the lashes, the silicone pads are removed and the client can open their eyes.

For temporary color, you may apply mascara right after the lash lift process. If you desire a tint, it can be done right after the lash lift. At the Eye Deux studios, we can apply the semi-permanent mascara! The lash lift application takes about 45-60 minutes, then add another 15 minutes for the semi-permanent mascara.

At the Eye Deux Studios we use the BabyDoll Lash Lift system. Schedule your appointment with a trained BabyDoll stylist today!

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