Summer Olympics 2012

Have you been watching the Summer Olympics?? Well I’ve been glued to MSNBC and the iPad watching live streams. While tuned into gymnastics I couldn’t help to notice the ladies lashes! Natural lashes, great mascara, and lovely eyelash extensions!

Special congratulations to Hampton Roads very own Gabby Douglas, who is from Virginia Beach, VA. Gabby has won two gold medals for individual and team success. 

That’s some serious mascara! Must be waterproof because when those happy tears fell the mascara didn’t budge.  Major congratulations to the entire Team USA in this years Olympics in London.

Here is Nigeria’s track star Blessing Okagbare wearing cluster lashes. Looks great! Not too much length for those pretty eyes. Her lash stylist/technician used the right amount of clusters, not too heavy or weighing her eyes down.  She needs to see the track 🙂

Stay tuned for more fabulous lashes from the Summer Olympics 2012

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