To Know or Not to Know

I received this message from a companys’ “client relations manager” in response to my email about one of their products. (For now, the company will remain anonymous…) AFTER receiving a new shipment I noticed something was different. Besides the nice new packaging, the formula wasn’t the same.

“The new formulation does not need to be applied differently from the old, this is why we did not find it necessary to over explain. To be 100% honest with you, the more information we offer, the more confused most professionals become. The added ingredients are not always necessary to explain, since most do not know what they are, nor their benefits”

As a professional dealing with clients EYES (you only get ONE set in life!) I feel it is necessary to know in advance what the changes are and how it would affect not only the application process but the after care. As a hair stylist in the salon, we were to have what’s called MSDS files on all hair color products. These chemicals are serious! (MSDS=matieral safety data sheet)

I will give kudos to Xtreme Lashes for keeping their lash stylists up to date…by emails, classes, blogs, webinars and most importantly, FACT SHEETS that come with each shipment.

What is your opinion? By providing this information are companies afraid this will give “secrets” away? As a Professional do you read the ingredients of the products your use or provide to your clients?

To be fair, I would suggest these companies DO provide more detailed information about the products to ALL professionals…they should not judge on who would understand it and who would not.

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