What are Knot Free Lashes

This is truly for the Lash Lovers… At home stylists, newbies and current lash stylists!

First, let’s understand what a cluster or tabb is. Clusters/tabbs (also called flares) are 8-10 hairs bunched and glued together. Some may confuse these with actual individual false lashes.

The clusters can come in various colors besides black and brown. Fortunately the lengths/sizes are pretty standard; under, short, medium and long….less confusion when its time to decide which lengths to use. Not all manufacturers have the unders (what I like to call x-short). It’s necessary to have all four lengths in order to achieve different styles.


Now, whats the difference between knot and knot-free lashes?! When the synthetic* hairs are glued together, a little knot is formed. The knot is where the eyelash adhesive will be placed before being applied to the natural lashes. Knot-free are the cluster of lashes still bunched together, yet the knot has been “flattened” so it appears seamless. (When using the adhesive, use a very small amount! A little goes a long way, plus this will help during the removal process)


When to use the knot-free lashes is based upon the individual person. The knot-free clusters do look more natural and are best for layering techniques. When it comes to makeup application(eyeshadow and eye liner) the knot-free lashes are slightly easier to clean.

Regardless of the type of cluster, it is important to know that these ARE heavy on the natural lashes. If worn LONG TERM with no breaks then the natural lashes will suffer. At Eye Deux we inform our Lash Lovers when it’s time to rest the natural lashes.

How to wear the clusters? Some may apply a full set, meaning the clusters are covering all of your natural lashes. A partial set may consist of just the outside corners (creating a cat-eye) or a few clusters added throughout your entire lash line (creating a little volume).

If you take a close look at most mascara ads, you will see these clusters! One major mascara brand states “lash inserts were used…”

* There are human hair cluster lashes available…they must say “100% NATURAL HUMAN HAIR”. If not, they are synthetic.

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