Flu Season and Keeping Appointments

It’s that time again…………


Yes ladies & gents I’m a Lash Addict yet I cannot risk getting other Lash Lovers sick while in the Studio. This also holds true for many other beauty service providers. Please reschedule your appointments until the doctor says you’re ok and the flu is gone. Other patrons of the salon/spa will greatly appreciate it!

Your appointment may range from 5-90 minutes…during that time you are acceptable to germs in the Studio and you’re also able to leave them behind for other patrons. If you feel “something” coming on, please contact your beauty professional and reschedule your appointment.


We at Eye Deux take precautions by cleaning and sanitizing all tools used on clients, wash linens, use disposable pillow covers which are changed for each client, wash our hands before each application and have disinfectant spray on hand.

Check with your beauty professionals to see how they are helping to lessen the spread of germs in their salon/spa!

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