Waxing at Home Can Be Dangerous

There are some at-home or self-waxing kits available yet there are dangers and can leave unwanted results. If you are NEW to waxing we highly suggest going to a professional FIRST! Serious injuries including burns have occurred. (Some people have become at-home experts. They are able to wax their own eyebrows, legs, bikini, upper lip, arms, etc with no assistance.)

Here is a young lady’s hand after heating a Brazilian waxing kit at home in the microwave. She stated the top of the wax was still hard so she tried to break the hard wax on top but her fingers ended up IN the wax and some of it dripped onto the rest of her hand.


Her final statement, “I’m going to leave it to the professionals”!

If you are in the Hampton Roads area, contact Eye Deux for your safe hair removal services. We proudly use the soy based Nufree Hair Removal System.

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