Shampoo Hair Before or After an Eyelash Appointment

One of the most important After Care instructions given when having eyelash extensions application applied is to NOT GET THE EXTENSIONS WET for a certain time period. Some adhesives require up to 48 hours of no contact with water, steam or even extreme sweating. Therefore shampooing your hair immediately after an appointment may not be the best idea.

It may be necessary to shampoo your hair BEFORE arriving to your eyelash extension appointment. This young lady knows the importance of the first 48 hours after her appointment and decided to exercise and shampoo her hair prior to the appointment. She even brought her own pillow and towel for her hair was still a little damp.


Has your lash technician given you the After Care instructions necessary to keep your semi-permanent extensions on long term? How do you insure your extensions will stay on after leaving the Studio?

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