Pregnancy and Eyelash Extensions

Congratulations! You’ve found out a little one is on the way. You may still be able to keep your eyelash extension appointments thru your pregnancy.

During the eyelash extensions appointment you will need to lay down for at least 45 minutes for a touch up (about 90 minutes for the initial set). This can become uncomfortable and/or impossible as you get further into your pregnancy. Ask your eyelash technician if they will be able to provide additional pillows, leg bolsters, blankets, etc to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible during the appointment. You may have to lay on your side like this lady…


(Client of EyeDeux, came in the week of her due date)

You will notice she has additional pillow support on her left side as she is lays towards the right.

If your lash stylist does not have extra pillows or leg bolsters for support, you may certainly bring in your own. No worries for the ladies that come to the EyeDeux Studios, we have them!

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