Seeing YOU in Advertisements


Out of curiosity, have you searched “eyelash extensions ” and viewed some of the pictures? While composing a photo shoot for the EyeDeux studios in Hampton Roads VA, I’ve noticed majority of the faces……are the same color! Where’s the diversity?!


While some lash stylists feel its ok to use corporate photos for their marketing, I question what these pictures are saying to your future clients.


I am quite disappointed when people ask, “what is your clientele like”? This tells me that they have seen very few pictures from major brands showing that women of all shapes, sizes AND ethnicities are able to get eyelash extensions.


At Eye Deux, we have made it a point to showcase not only the qualities mentioned above, but also different eye shapes and the eyelashes in their natural state. The before pictures are important especially to those who have weak, damaged, extremely curly, thin, downward pointing, short……..lashes. The after pictures show a realistic result in a complete set of extensions. Through our web site and social media, future patrons will be able to see that Yes, they too can wear eyelash extensions!

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