Lash Lift – Why So Many Are Letting Go of…

That lovely lash curler.  Definitely a tool of the past. I’ve seen quite a few damaged lashes from using the lash curler, ouch!  The alternative, the Lash Lift.

Yes, a lift for your natural lashes.  Some call it a lash perm and it does just that, curls your natural lashes … for up to 2 months!!

Here’s the process:

  • Eyelashes and eyelids are cleaned with an oil free makeup remover.
  • Gel patches are placed under the eyes to keep the top and bottom lashes separated.
  • Silicon pads are secured to the eyelids
  • Lashes are brushed upward onto the silicon pads
  • Solutions are applied and timed
  • Once the solutions are removed, you’re able to open your eyes


Men and Women are in love with the lash lift for a few reasons:

  • Don’t have to use the lash curler every day
  • The lash lift lasts up to 8 weeks*
  • Compared to eyelash extensions, there’s less maintenance
  • Cost is significantly less than eyelash extensions
  • Great for teens
  • Curly and/or unruly lashes can get a new curl pattern
  • Top & Bottom lashes don’t catch onto each other after the lift
  • Makes Sleepy eyes look Awake!

Fellow Professionals, you too should add this service to your menu! The entire process takes less than an hour, some charge towards $125!! You can have 2 people in the salon within 15 mins apart and have them process at the same time, Cha-Ching! If you’re in Virginia, I’d love to help you learn and make some extra money.

Find a Certified Stylist aka someone who KNOWS how to properly do this service and Get Lifted! Ladies & Gents in the Hampton Roads area, you are able to book a Lash Lift appointment with one of our Certified Stylists at the Eye Deux studios


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