The New Normal for Lash Appointments

While some states have already began to reopen their businesses and lift Stay Home orders, we can expect all states to start implementing new rules and regulations when it comes to how we conduct business. In particular, the beauty industry. I am very interested to see how the eyelash extension business will change.

At Eye Deux, the staff has used face masks for years, mainly to protect ourselves from possible fumes from the adhesive. We have the charcoal filter masks by Sugarlash and blue medical masks. This practice has also been used by many others within the lash industry and some companies have made masks specifically for Artists.

A few other practices that have been in place for years at Eye Deux is washing our hands and changing the pillow covers between each appointment and a professional cleaning company that comes in to clean all rooms and common areas using FDA hospital grade cleaning products, disinfecting the tweezers used to apply the extensions and allow only 1 person in the service room at a time.  What will change is the disinfecting of doorknobs, doorbell and common spaces like the checkout counter more frequently. Some Artists at Eye Deux have already placed a barrier between the clients skin and the Artists hands by using a tissue/Kleenex on the forehead. We have seen some Artists at other salons wear gloves as a form of barrier or PPE (personal protective equipment).

Client wearing a mask during appointment

What can we expect possibly across all states for the beauty industry: less people allowed in the salon and waiting areas. A few places have asked clients to wait in their cars and wait for a phone call or text when they are allowed to enter the place of business. At Eye Deux, we have always been by appointment only and prefer to have clients arrive promptly to avoid people gathering in the waiting area. Clients to wear a mask: this is very possible while performing many beauty treatments yet for some others that would not work. Thankfully Lash Artists will still be able to apply lash extensions while their clients wear masks. Other services that are do-able while wearing a mask at Eye Deux; permanent eyebrows, microblading, eyebrow waxing/threading, tinting and permanent eyeliner. Reduced or removal of coffee/tea and snack bar: Artists or Receptionists may have to distribute coffee/tea, bottled or dispensed water to the Clients versus the Clients getting these things on their own. Say goodbye to those fancy monogrammed mugs and hello to disposable cups! We shall see…

Client wearing a mask during appointment

As our salons are reopening I would encourage all Artists and Clients to be informed of what their state will require of the place of business and from the Client. DPOR, the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation should have updated protocols for the state of Virginia since they oversee all Barber and Cosmetology professions. Your local Health Departments may have additional requirements. This situation is new to most of us, we can expect these rules and regulations to change as more is known about this virus and how to protect ourselves from future occurrences like the one we are in now. For now, Virginia is set to allow salons to reopen on May 8th. Stay tuned and as always stay safe 💞

UPDATE! Effective 12:00 a.m., Friday, May 15, 2020, beauty salons, barbershops, spas, massage centers, tanning salons, tattoo shops, and any other location where personal care or personal grooming services are performed may reopen, provided such businesses comply with the Guidelines for All Business Sectors and the sector-specific guidelines for personal care and personal grooming services expressly incorporated by reference herein. Such guidance includes, but is not limited to, the following requirements:

a. Occupancy may not exceed 50% of the lowest occupancy load on the certificate of occupancy with at least six feet of physical distancing between work stations and only one appointment per service provider at a time.

b. Service providers and employees working in customer-facing areas must wear face coverings over their nose and mouth at all times.

c. Provide face coverings for clients or ask that clients bring a face covering with them, which they must wear during the service. Limit services to only those that can be completed without clients removing their face covering.

d. A thorough cleaning and disinfection of frequently-contacted surfaces must be conducted every 60 minutes in operations, while cleaning and disinfecting all personal care and personal grooming tools after each use. If that is not possible such items must be discarded.

e. If any such business cannot adhere to these requirements, it must close.

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