Donate, Educate, Be Safe

Recent events have caused quite an uproar in this country, and as a BLACK WOMAN, A NEWLY BLACK MOTHER & a BLACK BUSINESS OWNER it is my absolute duty to make sure the voices of those protesting are HEARD. I’ve dedicated my BLACK LIFE to those who are in need, regardless of their race, sex, religion etc. and would love if everyone would learn to HONESTLY do the same.

Today is ‘Blackout Tuesday’ and in solidarity EyeDeux will not be posting any content for the day. Instead, we would like for you to (or all 3):

⚫ DONATE to the Black Lives Matter foundation.

⚫ EDUCATE & inform those who may not completely understand why a movement like this is absolutey necessary.

⚫ STAY SAFE whether you’re joining the protest or staying inside your homes. Be sure to check in with any activist or attendees during these times.

For those of you who stand by our message & joining the cause we TRULY want to THANK YOU. ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼

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