The Back-Facial

Yes!  A Back-Facial!  A facial for the sometimes forgotten part of your body until it goes out on you. 

I would say that I have a good routine for my face yet have neglected my back since getting a large back tattoo a few years ago.  While tending to an itch, I felt a small bump on my lower back.  Frantically trying to look at my back with 2 mirrors I then realized I need a professional’s point of view.

To save the day, Licensed Estheticians at Eye Deux in Hampton, VA assed by back and suggested a back-facial. 

“A back facial may be used in an overall wellness regime. One month have a regular facial the next work on the back. This will reduce acne and make you look and feel great not to mention the benefits of a little time to truly relax and unwind. It is great for acne, skin bumps and pustules as well as back acne, pimples and zits that arise from exercise, eating the wrong foods or just about any other condition.  The overall result will leave your back feeling smooth and looking clear so that you can confidently wear backless tops, swimsuits, and low-cut back garments. continual care and treatment for your back will help diminish blemishes, scars, and dark spots.” – Universal Spa Training Academy

Applying hydrojelly mask during back facial at EyeDeux

Ms. Cloe and Ms. Aja of Eye Deux, started with back-facial with the standard steps of a regular facial.  Cleanse the skin, exfoliate, extractions if needed, tone then nourish the skin. 

Hyrdrojelly mask applied and waiting for it to set before removal at EyeDeux

After a short nap during the extraction portion of the appointment a cool hydrojelly mask was applied. (Exhale with me!)  The appointment was complete finished by a light massage. (It’s ok to have another deep exhale here)

Removal of hydrojelly mask during back facial


blackheads that were removed during the back facial at EyeDeux

If you have yet to experience this awesome service, I highly suggested you should!  Anyone in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia may schedule an appointment online with Eye Deux.  The Licensed Estheticians will gladly take care of you!  Get your back summer-show-off ready with Ms. Cloe and Ms. Aja today!

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