How to get a Permanent Cosmetic license in Virginia

Have you been interested in learning Permanent makeup, microblading and microshading? Heard about the anazing benefits of permanent eyeliner and want to make money doing it? Or maybe looking into SMP, scalp micropigmentation to help people who are experiencing thinning or balding? Residents of Virginia are able to get a Permanent Cosmetic/Tattoo license to be able to perform these services.

Recent Graduate of EDASB and Licensed PMU Artist with live model during class

In order to get your license, you must first be sure you are eligible and verify your training and experience.

According to Virginia Laws and Regulations code 18 VAC 41-50-20 part B, one may be eligible to take the State Board exam by

  1. Training in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
    a. Any person completing an approved tattooing apprenticeship program in a Virginia licensed
    tattoo parlor or completing an approved tattooing training program in a Virginia licensed school of
    tattooing, or completing a permanent cosmetic tattooing training program in a Virginia licensed permanent cosmetic tattooing school shall be eligible to sit for the applicable examination

Eye Deux Advance School of Beauty has been approved to teach this 90 hour course!

Recent Graduate of EDASB and Licensed PMU Artist

After successfully completing the course, you’ll receive a certificate which allows you to sit for the State Board Exam. A separate company that provides the theory-only exam will also ask you to provide additional documentation such as valid identification.

Once you PASS the State Board exam, you’ll then need to submit a form to DPOR requesting your physical license.

The total time from completing class to getting your license can be shortened if one takes the State Board exam within the first 30 days of graduating.

So if you’re still considering a Permanent Cosmetic career and ready to get started, contact Ms. Turner of EDASB.

UPDATE: May 2021 – DPOR has sent notice they are considering increasing the required hours from 90 to 200! Check back here and Sign up for the Town Hall Meetings email to stay informed!

1 thought on “How to get a Permanent Cosmetic license in Virginia

  1. Kathryn Whitcomb April 15, 2023 — 1:01 pm

    Hi! I’m interested in a career in Permanent Makeup and I see where it says to contact Mrs. Turner. Can you all send me more information on the course? Hours, days, tuitions, what included etc.

    Thank you!

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