Out of the Office and into the Kitchen

Buenas tardes from a Woman who wears many hats! Mom of an active, curious, bilingual toddler; Head Team Member and Employer, Lead Instructor, Part-time Client-Certified Therapist oh and Head Chef! While enjoying this warm summer and preparing for lunch during the work day, I wanted to take a moment to share something with you.

If you’ve been to my office, you have probably seen one of the boxed meal delivery services come to the door. I have been using these meals for years! When I stopped eating all meat (in 2015, I know right!) I fell into the cycle of eating the same things every week. I also found myself spending way too much on unhealthy fast food. Starting with Blue Apron, I was introduced to new or interesting ingredients or different ways to cook familiar ones. Then I was offered a FREE box with HelloFresh. Taking advantage of the deal, I quickly found that I liked both for different reasons and have kept up with them.

Other ways these have helped me, pardon… saved me is that they have kept me from over spending at the grocery store and/or avoiding the grocery stores all together. These have saved me time and the brain power of thinking, “what’s for dinner”?! That last statement alone is worth every penny of each box.

With that said, I want to share 2 of my favorite recipes with you.

Hoisin Sweet Potato & Mushroom Bowl – HelloFresh. Confession, I am a mushroom tolerator.  Meaning I’ll eat them usually if I can’t see them.  Yet this dish from HelloFresh made me LOVE mushrooms (cooked this way, ‘shroom burgers are still out haha!)

Quinoa, Corn & Zucchini Salad – Blue Apron. I knew this was good when the 2 year old asked for more (minus the macha since I made it really spicy)

Enjoy & Happy Cooking!

Here’s a BONUS for You!  Something for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

WAIT/ESPERA! These will only work if this is your FIRST time ordering from either company.

Blue Apron

Send your full name and email to EYEDEUX@GMAIL.COM

You will get an invitation from BLUE APRON via email for a free delivery!


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