Summer Retention

Thanks to a recent post from The Lash Collection…. they shared some helpful tips for both the Artists and the Client to follow to help with lash extension retention during the warmer months.

“Make sure your clients are cleansing every single day. We all know cleansing is a vital part of lash aftercare, but many clients struggle with this. In the summertime clients eyelids tend to get more oily, they may sweat more, or often sunscreens are used. This means cleansing the lashes is even more important in the summer.”

“Don’t just make sure your clients are cleansing, make sure you properly prep before each appointment by cleansing their lashes. Due to oil, sweat, & skincare + sun care products- prepping your client’s lashes before you begin each appointment guarantees you can get the most out of the hard work you pour into their beautiful eyelash extensions”

At the Eye Deux studio, we do our best to maintain proper temperature and humidity according to the adhesive manufacturers’ instructions.

Rather than applying a serum which may interfere with the next relash appointment, we recommend a good cleaning routine. For at home cleaning, we have LINT-FREE brushes and oil-free makeup remover for purchase at the studio. These 2 are used every appointment before we start applying extensions.

Hope by sharing this information you have better lash days ahead!

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