2023 Class Schedule

Want to Learn how to Tattoo Brows, Eyeliner or do Lip Blushing?! Recently took a 2 day class and now need your PMU License?!

We Can Help You with the DPOR Approved PMU Course at EDASB

Basic Permanent Cosmetic Course – 200 Hours


July 17th, August 21st, November 6th!


DPOR has given notice that the required hours WILL increase to 200 Hours starting SEPTEMBER 1ST, 2023!!

To begin registration CLICK HERE and to start making payments

Tuition:* $7,500.00 Includes Student Kit, Device, Pigments, Needles, Mask and MORE! PAYMENT OPTIONS: 3 month financing available with 8.5% interest rate. Discount for Tuition paid in full during registration. A Non-Refundable deposit is required at registration. Full tuition must be received in order for EDASB to release Kit and Certificate, no exceptions.

Course Info: 200 hours required to satisfy the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR), includes permanent eyebrows (hair strokes/microblading and powder brows), eyeliner, lip liner, full lip color and SMP (scalp micropigmentation).  Curriculum is linked here.  Kit is included with tuition: EDASB Mask, wireless rotary machine, pigments, needles, anesthetics and more. Upon successful completion you will receive a Certificate which will allow you to take the State Board Exam. Pass the THEORY EXAM and you’ll receive your State License. If moving, please check with your new state for their Permanent Cosmetic laws and regulations. Where: 2100 Hartford Road, Hampton VA 23666. ALL practicals and exams must be completed at the school, no exceptions.

Prerequisites: at least 18 years old with a valid government issued ID, must be able to read/write in English for DPOR theory exam. No prior experience with tattoo or permanent cosmetics required. Completing this course will provide a Certificate in order to take the State Board Exam and obtain a Permanent Cosmetic License. For more information, registration requirements and enrollment please contact the Owner and Instructor at Eye Deux Advance School of Beauty at EDASBVA@gmail.com

Health Certification Requirements by DPOR: All tattoo artists in Virginia must have valid First Aid/CPR AND Bloodborne Pathogens certificate. Proof of Bloodborne Pathogens Certification will be required prior to the first day of in person instruction, no exceptions.

EDASB Graduate a Licensed MASTER PMU Artist 2022
EDASB Graduate and Licensed PMU Artist 2021
EDASB Graduate and Licensed PMU Artist October 2020
*Prices are subject to change based upon kit and machine chosen during time of enrollment. A Non-Refundable deposit is due upon registration of all classes.

Master Permanent Cosmetic Class COMING SOON!!

Want to learn how to tattoo 3D Nipples and Areolas for Breast Cancer Survivors, Post Breast Reductions or Post Transitioning? Want to learn how to camouflage stretch marks and post surgery scars? Interested in Lip Neutralization?! Master Permanent Cosmetic Artist and Licensed Instructor Ms. Turner can teach you!

If you currently have a valid/current Permanent Cosmetic License or Medical License, you ARE eligible to take this class!

Master PMU Class Info

Tuition:* $5,000.00 Includes Student Kit with Pigments, wireless device, Textbook, Needles and MORE! A Non-Refundable deposit is required at registration. Full tuition must be received in order for EDASB to release Kit and Certificate, no exceptions.

When: October 2nd, November 6th….More dates will be posted, stay tuned!

Registration: $1,000 Non-Refundable Deposit is required. Click HERE to begin!

EDASB 2X Graduate and Licensed Master PMU Artist 2022 (@bloomxkali)

Interested in getting your Master Permanent Cosmetic License?! DPOR requires training and certification in Areola/Scar Camouflage AND Eyeshadow/Cheek Blush. YES Ms. Turner can help you!

Cheek Blush and Lip Blush Model 2022

13 thoughts on “2023 Class Schedule

  1. Hello!

    Wanted to clarify the pricing for your LASHLIFT CLASS…is it $500 to register? When I clicked to register, I did see $600

    Thank you

    1. Good afternoon, my apologies for the confusion. The price has been updated, $500.00

  2. Do you accept military GI Bill payments from the government?

    1. At this current time we do not accept GI Bill payments for the classes at EDASB.

  3. Hello, I am interested in your 90 hour Certification microblading/microshading course/training. Your registration link says minutes at $4,500. Please clarify what is provided for that fee.

    1. The 90 hour DPOR approved Permanent Cosmetic course is for eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner and full lip color. The tuition includes textbook, a kit with a digital machine, pigments, etc. Upon successful completion you’ll receive a certificate which will allow you to take the State Board exam. The Microblading/Shading course is an advanced course for those who are already licensed in Permanent Cosmetics or Tattoo. That is a separate course and the tuition is $3,000.00, it includes a small kit and no machine. Please contact the school for further information and to get started at eyedeux@gmail.com

  4. Hello. Do you know when you will know PT Schedule for Permanent Cosmetics Course? Also is there Hands On Models included with this Course?

    1. Thank you for inquiring. As of right now the class has been modified due to current conditions. Yes all students are required to participate in hands-on instruction. Please email eyedeux@gmail.com for more information

  5. Hello do you offer a alternative schedule for those working that would like to attend your DPOR permanent makeup training? Perhaps weekends and evenings…

    1. Days and Hours for the Permanent Cosmetics Course are posted, you must attend all Practicals and exams at the school. For more information please email EYEDEUX@GMAIL.COM

  6. Hello,
    So is micro blading and micro shading part of the 90 hour course?

    1. Yes! Students learn different ways to tattoo the brows with both manual and rotary devices.

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