Models for Classes

Models are a necessary component to all classes offered at E.D.A.S.B. To be considered you must schedule by using the links below. There are specific requirements for each class and a non-refundable fee will be associated. These fees are to cover the cost of materials used during the procedure, which are significantly discounted from the regular cost. Students learn the art of cosmetic tattooing, applying eyelash extensions and lash lift under the strict supervision of a Licensed Instructor, taking this training is needed in order to become a licensed technician.

Please use the following links to schedule an appointment for one of the upcoming classes:

Permanent Eyeliner $100.00 (Top OR Bottom)

Permanent Eyebrows $150.00 (Powder/Ombre)

Permanent Lip Liner $100.00

Permanent Lip Color $200.00

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