Contacts or Glasses

I recently read a post by Allure magazine and Xtreme Lashes about lash extensions touching the sunglasses and reading glasses. If you’re wearing eyelash extensions do you continue to wear your glasses or switch to contact lenses? This question comes up a lot in the Eye Deux Studios.

The answers vary for each person. Some may opt for a more natural length so that the extensions won’t touch the glasses at all. Others opt to take off the glasses and put on their contacts instead. (While wearing contacts be careful of any eye drops you have to use)

If you wear glasses all the time, ask your technician to check the distance between your natural lashes and lens with the glasses on. No worries, your new set of extensions wont be hidden. We will still be able to see your extensions beyond the lens.

Personally, I adjust my sunglasses…I love the length of my extensions! Fellow Lash Lovers. do you switch to contacts or continue to wear your glasses?

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