Sleeping on your Lashes

Sleeping “cute” can be a real major pain in the butt! Trying to save the new hair ‘do or eyelash extensions while enjoying your sleep time can be a challenge if you don’t have the right tools. One of the major causes of premature loss of the eyelash extensions is from sleeping and the lashes being pressed into the pillow.

For your eyelashes, the BEST pillow I’ve used in the awesome travel pillow. Yes the u-shaped travel pillow! This works best for those who sleep on their sides. Personally I’m a left side sleeper…by placing the travel pillow on top of your regular pillow, your lashes have less chance of being pressed into the pillow and becoming twisted or turned into a different direction.

There is another great pillow called “Save My Face” pillow which is mostly recommended after facial surgeries. Its a little extra money out the pocket ($50+). This pillow looks like an “X” and can also be used along with your regular pillow for extra support.

Try one this evening!

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