Breast Cancer, Beyond the Surgery and Continuous Recovery

We all know it, for somehow some way we know someone who agrees that cancer sucks. What I did not know was how many men and women didn’t have their areolas or nipples reconstructed and/or tattooed after their mastectomies. Yes there are some who are extremely thankful to have the reconstructive surgery and don’t want to tattoo their areolas. Yet for those who do, they can achieve a realistic areola and nipples with the advance techniques of a permanent makeup or tattoo artist.

As a Melanated woman and Master Permanent Cosmetic Artist, I want to focus on color theory and letting the community know that this service is available to those of all shades. I am so very thankful to have had the opportunity to help a young woman who recently walked into my studio for a completely different service. While in the waiting room she noticed the Certificate I received from Vicky Martin training. After 5 years of being cancer-free she started taking steps in reviving herself inside and out. Yes, 5 years cancer-free!! She had completed her reconstructive surgeries yet did not have any areola or nipple reconstruction.* So can you imagine how she felt when she was told that not only can she get this done but it is also by donation!

Its unfortunate how I’ve come to learn about this yet I am thankful to have gained the skills to be able to help those like this brave Warrior and to soon teach those who also want learn.

This has inspired me to host “Mondays with Mary” in the Hampton Roads area. These are specific days where one can come in and receive areola/3D nipple repigmentation (tattoo) and leave a donation for the next Warrior. Yes, paying it forward! This service is for both women and men who’ve had a single or double mastectomy due to breast cancer. There are some qualifications, for more information, please click HERE.

For those who wish to receive this paramedical or scar camouflage service and have not had mastectomy, we will still be able to help you! This may include breast reduction, breast enlargement, uneven areolas and gender mastectomies.

*Some surgeons are able to create an areola and/or nipple during surgery. The skin colors will vary depending on where the skin was taken from yet it will not create an areola. Reconstructed nipples are slightly raised yet still have no color variation.

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