Cleaning your Strips!

Cleaning your Strip Lashes

Strip lashes are the only false lashes that can be removed and worn again with the proper cleaning and maintenance. Many adhesives (glue) for strip lashes have laytex and there are a few that are laytex free. Please advise the sales representative or lash technician of any allergies. Also keep in mind the adhesives may contain other ingredients that can cause an allergic reaction.

Removal- gently lift the outer corner of the strip lash and slowly pull the strip UP and towards the inner corner. This should be done with your CLEAN fingers or tweezers.
Cleaning- Gently pinch the adhesive off the BAND. Little pieces at a time is OK, be careful not to pull on the lashes. If there is makeup on the lashes, gently clean with an oil-free makeup remover. You may use a clean mascara brush or wand to brush thru the hairs with the remover and then with cold water. Set aside and let dry overnight. You can put the lashes in its original packaging…if they are still wet, DO NOT CLOSE THE PACKAGE. Putting the strip lashes in it’s original package helps to maintain the curl and style of the lashes, also keeps other debris from getting on the lashes.

Depending on the style, material and brand, these strip lashes range from $2-$200. When the strip lashes are removed and cleaned properly they can be worn several times, I say a great investment!

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