The Microblading Process

As the microblading technique becomes even more popular, I felt the need to explain a part of the process. The touch up.  Most technicians offer a follow-up or touch up appointment 6-8 weeks after the initial microblading appointment.  After the first appointment, one can expect their eyebrows to be intense, dark or bold.  This is OK! After 7-10 days, you will notice the brows to appear much lighter.

Now this part varies per technician.  The number of hair strokes added and if they did a combination of microblading and shading will depend on how much will need to be done during the touch up.  At my studio, I prefer to start with strokes that are not too close together and a slightly lighter color.  Why the sparse strokes? To avoid them blurring together … the point of microblading is for it to heal looking LIKE hair strokes, not a solid powder brow.  I will explain in detail shading/microshading in another post.



This young lady came to the studio wanting to enhance her natural shape and make her brows a little fuller.  Top left is her natural brows with no makeup.  Top Right, immediately right after the first appointment, microblading only no shading.  After 6 weeks she returned for her touch up.  Bottom LEFT was taken before applying the numbing cream.  As you can see, the strokes healed lighter and softer.  Bottom RIGHT is the final brow. (NO FILTERS WERE USED IN ANY OF THE PHOTOS)

The full healing process, what to do and what not to do should be explained by your technician BEFORE they start the microblading.  After care instructions will vary depending on skin type, as with how long the microblading will last. Another popular question.  Most will say up to 2 years.  Starting/stopping certain medications, physical activities, facial products along with the technicians technique and pigment used are all factors of retention.  Personally, I have had the microblading done twice, 2 years apart.  If one wants a more permanent solution, then choose permanent makeup artist who specializes in that technique, like me!

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