Locating a Beauty Pro

Living in the Hampton Roads area you get used to the shuffle of relocating military and medical personnel. Moving an entire family can be stressful…spouse finding a job, new schools, hair stylist, handyman and of course a new Eyelash Technician!

One of the major advantages of being part of the Xtreme Lashes family is that we have a Stylist Directory. Lash Lovers from around the world are able to search for Certified technicians in their new home town.

Traveling for a while and need a touch up? Contact your Certified Lash stylist at home and ask for their recommendation. With the help of the Internet, Facebook, twitter and other social media outlets, finding another technician that uses the same products should not be too hard. Keeping with the same brand is best! If you’ve started with brand “X” then locate another technician using brand “X”.  There may be additional fees if switching brands.

To the professionals: I would suggest getting to know other lash technicians and THEIR PORTFOLIO. Eye Deux is thankful to have received referrals from around the country…yes you may never know where your next client may come from.
I would inform your loyal Lash Lover that when visiting another lash studio to check out the prices first. For example, prices in NYC, LA and Miami may be a little higher than small cities.

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